PowerAce   MT-60v8 

Fully Installed $550*

Powering Sectional Doors  


We recommend this for single garage doors but it can cope with a double garage door as well. Whisper quiet, this energy efficient opener has the latest security and multi-frequency technology - gone are the days of lifting up your neighbour's garage door.

TiltMaster    MT-100EvO 

Fully Installed $600*

Powering Sectional & Tilt doors 


With 1000nM this is the most powerful residential motor on the market. It's quiet, powerful and reliable. It also comes with 2 remotes and a wall switch. 

 WhisperDrive  MT-3850EvO

Fully Installed $650*

Powering Sectional Doors

This motor is fast, quiet and efficient. It has 2 remotes, a wall switch, battery backup and a wireless keypad. The keypad also comes with the ability to set a temporary password for friends, relatives or that delivery you don't want stolen.  

Merlin  MT800 

Fully Installed $450*

Powering Sectional or Tilt Doors 

(Large single or double doors)

2 / 5 Year Warranty

This powerful opener is a smart choice for double tilt or sectional doors. With its quiet belt drive and minimalist European design the MT800 is the perfect choice for modern homes especially at this extremely affordable price

Merlin MJ3800

Powering Sectional Doors

This opener has unique positioning installed beside the door, leaving your garage ceiling clear for storage space or main use when structural beams hinder standard motor fitment etc. Powerful, quiet and packed with accessories this opener is the ideal choice for a designer home. 

Quiet Drive

Fully Installed $550*

          Powering Single Roller Doors

For single roller doors. It's wall mounted and comes with 2 remote controls and a wall switch. Affordable and reliable. 

SilentDrive MR-850EvO 

Fully Installed $590*

Powering Double or Single Roller Doors 

The ultimate opener for roller doors. This will open double roller doors or for those people that like a little more power on your single roller door motor. High quality opener that is quiet, secure and contains the latest energy saving design features. It comes with 2 remotes and wall switches. 

SilentDrive BBU

Fully Installed $620*

Powering Double or Single Roller Doors 
With Battery Back Up 

This really is the ultimate roller door motor. It comes with the usual 2 remotes and wall switch but also has the added bonus of battery backup and wireless keypad. This feature is excellent if you have a delivery coming. You can set a temporary code that allows the driver to access the garage so he can leave your package and close the door behind him leaving your delivery sitting safely in your garage till you come home.


Fully Installed *700

Powering Sectional or Tilt Doors
5 YEARS or 10,000cycles
This powerful 1000nM motor comes with factory fitted changeable speed settings. It's the top of the range in the ATA brand of motors. The list of standard features include the exclusive transmitter system , LED courtesy light, Wireless Safety Beam compatibility, Door Profiling and Intelligent Safety Systems. It has many different modes to suit your individual needs, for example - Auto Close gives you extra security - Ventilation Mode makes sure your garage temperature does not get too hot or there is even Vacation Mode. 


Fully Installed $550*

Powering Roller Doors 
5 YEAR or 10,000cycles 

The modern motor carries an extra transmitter memory, LED lighting, soft start & stop, superior door profiling, obstacle sensing and Wireless PE Beams Ready. It can easily fit in narrow spaces

Shed Master GDO-8 

Fully Installed $595*

Roller Door Opener 

In the range of standard features it is equipped with Intelligent Safety Systems which senses obstructions. It can even alert you when it needs to be serviced. It is an all weather entry solution.The slim fit designed housing of GDO-8 earns IP24 rating for weather resistance.


Fully Installed $550

Powering Single Sectional & Tilt Doors

                                                                                                          2 YEAR WARRANTY

This motor has many features such as soft start and stop, Intelligent Safety System, door profiling and a courtesy light.  It also comes with 3 remote controls and a wall switch. Driven by a 650nM motor which can power the majority of single sectional garage doors on the domestic market.


Fully Installed *650

Powering Sectional or Tilt Doors 


Affordable, dependable and full of features, this motor is perfect for the family home. It has a courteousy light, sound minamising technology, service indicator, 2 remote controls and a wall switch. It also has the ability to fitted with a battery backup and upgraded to a belt drive for an even higher level of quietness. With 800nM it has plenty of power for your door.



                                                                       Powering Light Commercial Roller Doors 

The extra heavy duty design is made to operate Series 3 roller doors up to 25m2 and 5.5m high. No need to open your door the old fashioned way, now there is an affordable solution to fit your existing door.


Fully Installed $990*

This is a commercial door opener. It has battery backup to wall mounted control system. It will power doors up to 28m2 and can handle 511 transmitters. It has some great features such as soft start & stop, Intelligent Safety System, obstacle avoidance and a clock accessed program. It can work in unison with three Wireless PE Beam systems at one time. 

Series 310

Powering Industrial Doors 

You can utilize several input and output power choices through an adjustable suite. This makes it suitable for a variety of applications. You can make adjustments either by using the manual console or by using the advanced logic control mechanism with LCD monitor.

3100 - 240V Plug in ability with inverter - at the moment comes with a 5 Year or 10,000 cycle warranty. To deliver 3-phase power, it needs the conventional power supply. A bespoke inverter controls speed and ensures durability. These are practical for doors of size up to 36m2.

3300 - 415V with Contactors - Including 2 Year Warranty. You can use it for doors up to 50m2 in size. These machines operate on 3-phase 415V hard-wired power supply of 415 volts with contactors.

*For uncomplicated residential installation in the metropolitan area.

*Prices may be changed before we have a chance to update them on the website